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A not-for profit project dedicated to preventing youth disengagement, women's homelessness, and family violence.

We strive to end women's homelessness and youth disengagement in Victoria.

Homes to Help is community housing done differently.

2 out of 3 people approaching homeless services in Victoria are women, with half escaping family violence. And as it stands, there is not enough affordable housing to go around. 

We mentor young construction trainees from disadvantaged backgrounds to build high-quality homes for women and their children in need of safe, dignified places to live. 


By working on real-world builds, we enhance the skills, confidence, and employability of young trainees while delivering urgently needed community housing in a cost-effective way.

Plastering Wall
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Project Partners 


Delivering building industry training since 2018, we're driven to improve the educational and employment outcomes of disadvantaged young people. 


Leading full-service strategic communications firm, working with leading Australian organisations who want to make a significant impact.


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6-9/422 Sutton St

Ballarat, Victoria 3356

(03) 7020 3126

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